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Test for Iodine Deficiency You Can Do At Home

Iodine deficiency is part of the top 3 most common deficits, along with magnesium and vitamin D, but people still feel that the situation is not so serious. Iodine is very important for the good functioning of the organism, being the key of a healthy thyroid.

Iodine have 4 important functions in the body:

  1. Stabilizes metabolism and body weight
  2. Develops brain
  3. It helps in fertility
  4. Optimizes immune system (is a good antibacterial and anticancerige agent)

If you have an iodine deficiency, you are in danger of developing thyroid disease, breast cancer, prostate cancer or obesity. Now that you know on what danger you expose we will show how you can check the  iodine level at home.

The most common symptoms of iodine deficiency are chronic fatigue, weight gain, excessive sweating, high blood pressure, dry skin, etc. If you have these symptoms, you may suffer due to low iodine.

How To Test for Iodine Deficiency You Can Do At Home: before to go to bed, put some iodine on your elbow. When you wake up next day, if the elbow area will be dry, it means that your skin absorbed the iodine and you have a iodine deficiency.

For iodine deficiency, I recommend you the next recipe:

Put 1/2 cup of nut shells in a saucepan with 2 cups of water, and boil the water. After the water boiled, leave it to cool. Take 1 teaspoon of this mixture before every meal, for 4 months. The iodine level will grow.