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The Reason You Store Fat In Different Parts Of The Body And What To Do

When you lose weight, in most of the cases the unwanted kilograms still remains on different parts of the body. You never get fat, or slim on the entire body, and I’m sure that this thing happens to many persons. In this article you will find out the reason you store fat in different parts of the body and what to do!

  1. Superior body – This thing means that person eats to much and doesn’t make any sport or exercises. try to remove sweets from your alimentation and do make some exercises 30 minutes per day.
  2. Stomach – Unwanted kilograms situated on this part of the body can be caused by stress, anxiety or depression. In order to solve this problem, you can mix sport with relaxation techniques.
  3. Inferior body – This problem is common for most of the women. In this situation, there are recommended exercises that include inferior resistance of the body and cardiovascular exercises, essential in get rid of fat. Is very difficult cu lose weight from this area of the body.
  4. Bloated stomach – Fat restored in this way on your body can be caused by too much alcohol consumption of and difficulties in breathing. Try to reduce the alcohol quantity and do many breathing exercises. Correct breathing in an entire bodyexercise.
  5. Inferior body that include legs – This problem occurs at pregnant women. Feet can be very swollen. Try to make water aerobic to get rid of the pressure from legs and articulations and try to keep your feet up.
  6. Abdominal part and superior back – If you restore fat in this area the reason is also inactivity. Exercises are vital and is vital to keep under control the sugar level in blood. Don’t stay too much without eating. Try too eat more often small portions.