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The Reason You Should Put Lemon In Coffee

Having a headache is terrible. A headache can last between 4-70 hours. A big number of people buy pills against headaches. But today, I will present you a great remedy to get rid of headache without pills.

How the coffee works

Coffee contains caffeine, that have vasoconstrictor proprieties. That means the coffee can relieve you from a headache through a process called vasodilatation. Traditional Chinese says that by including lemon in your coffee it is almost guaranteed that you get rid of headache. Chinese nutritionists divide food in 5 categories: hot, very hot, warm, cold and room temperature.

Coffee is used to alleviate the liver vitality in organism. This is one of the main reasons why headache occurs. Coffee facilitate expansion of bile flow by cleaning the gallbladder. Due its diuretic proprieties and the powerful taste, coffee helps to detoxify the bile flow. The taste of the coffee cause a tonic impact on the absorption procedure.

Lemon – Lemon’s taste goes directly gallbladder and liver. When coffee and lemon are combined, this combination have the perfect characteristics to relieve you by the headache.