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How To Prepare Your Skin For Cold Season

Cold season is already here and we have to know how to take care of our skin, because is this period of the year is more sensitive. Here are some tricks on how to prepare your skin for cold season.

Use moisturizing  shower cream 

Gels with special flavors are extremely lovely. But before to choose the shower gel, we all have to think about the needs of our skin. A simple solution to prepare your skin for the cold season is to put aside the gels and use instead  shower creams with nutritious particles that protects and moisturizes your skin.

Dry skin can be a sign of inadequate care routines. It is not enough to make a quick bath in the morning or evening. It is equally important to use a body lotion that combats dehydration and  irritation.

Drink white tea

In the cold season it is much more difficult to consume the necessary amount of water to keep your body hydrated and healthy. But experts gives us a solution to prepare your skin for days with low temperatures.

Drink at least 2-3 glasses of white tea per day. According to scientific research, white tea contains minerals and nutrients that help to produce collagen and increase skin elasticity.

Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliation is essential for a healthy and radiant skin. But you must be very careful when choosing products for this procedure. You should avoid to rough scrubs, that can decrease resistance of your skin. During this period, to prepare your skin for winter, opt for finer formulas that helps to remove dead cells very efficiently.