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Practical Uses for Coca cola, Proof It Should Not Be In Human Body

There is no doubt that Coca cola is the most popular drink around the world. But you should know this is the last product you should consume, because is very harmful for our organism. Researchers showed us multiple utilisations of Coca Cola, in the house or around the house. It is an excellent cleaning product, and its acidity power is similar with a bacteria acidity.

This drink contains a serious quantity of acid, being dangerous for teeth enamel and making our teeth more predisposed to caries. Coca Cola is far away to be something good for our organism, but is very useful as a cleaning product.

Here are some ways you can you Coca Cola:

  • removes blood stains from clothes
  • put coins in Coca Cola to perfectly polish them
  • can decalcify the kettle
  • is the best product to clean the toilet; pour on bottle of Coca Cola in the toilet, let it some minutes to do the magic, then flush the water
  • removes fat from clothes
  • removes oil stains from garage
  • you can kill snails
  • is excellent for rust spots from the pool
  • soak a cloth in Coca Cola and rub the rust with it
  • you can remove chewing gum from your hair
  • use it to clean the engine
  • clean the floor from the kitcken
  • you can remove the hair dye
  • combined with an aluminium foil, you can clean the chrome
  • you can remove marker stains
  • pour Coca Cola in burned pans, leave the dirt and grease to dissolve and clean the pan