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What Does Your Nail Polish Say About Your Personality?

There are millions of nail polish colors you can choose, but I’m sure that you usually wear only 3-4 colors. Find out what your nail polish can reveal about your personality

Pearl Pink – professionalism
Pearl pink is a neutral color, perfect for women who works at the office. This color says about the person who wears it on the nails, that put professionalism on the first plan, but also provides attention to their look.

Red – self confidence

Is hard to ignore a person with powerful red nails. This color denotes self confidence and you should wear it at the office.

White – an open person

Persons who prefer white nail polish, are open to all possibilities in their life. Because this color is very pretentious, this means that persons put great effort for an impeccable image and is always present in beauty salons.

Colorless – a busy person 

If you use often colorless nail polish, that means you are a person who cares a lot about her look, but you don’t have too much time for having a perfect manicure all the time.

Artistic models – creative person 

You are a creative and unique person, who wants to stand out.

Neon colors – spontaneity

Women who prefer neon colors are very spontaneous. If you work in a conservator environment, you can wear this colors in vacantion

Black – Fatal women

Women with black nails, are powerful and authoritarian