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Which Nail Polish Color Fits with Your Zodiac Sign?

According to astrologer Theodora Rose, the color that we want to apply on our nails, do not rely on chance. It is actually set in the stars. As in our astrological signs and personal inclinations, we have an attraction for some color.

Aries  – March 21 to April 19
Aries is a quick and energetic sign. Usually opt for a color that matches with its personality and energy, but what suits them best is a cooler shade, such as violet and lilac. This sign gets bored quickly, so needs a hard but calming color, to help them recharge and feel better.

Taurus  – April 20-May 20
Taurus is guided by Venus and they love everything that is natural, green, and what is feminine, as pink. But what they love more than spontaneity, it is to follow their dreams and have more courage. Therefore, orange is best for them.

Gemini  – May 21-June 21

People born under this sign are very lively and intelligent persons, who always think of many things and analyze everything, and do not realize how they really feel. Therefore, light blue helps them to feel more and think less. They love this color, but do not know why.

Cancer – June 22-July 22
Cancer is the opposite of Gemini, they are very deep persons that often forgets to think logically and get stuck in emotional limbo. Wearing a bright red helps them feel more confident to act more on impulse and not to be afraid to live as they want.

Leo  – July 23-August 22
This zodiac sign is not afraid to stand out, but sometimes become selfish. A leo will stand out no matter what, so always wear a beautiful color, such as a cream creamy tones.

Virgo  – August 23-September 22
People born under this sign are very ordered and have an immense self-control, but they tend to hide the most sensual and imaginative part. Wearing a bright red is the most suitable color for Virgo

Libra  – September 23-October 22
Libra is an Air Sign and weighs everything. She really enjoys when wearing her nails in dark blue, almost black, to help them be more in touch with their feelings and to think less about what others say.

Scorpio –  October 23 to November 21
You might not like this color, but it is one is very beneficial for your zodiac sign. This zodiac sign is a naturally skeptical, and secretive, and wearing white nails it helps it to have more confidence in him.

Sagittarius  – November 22-December 21
Wearing a bright green helps Sagittarius feel stronger

Capricorn  – December 22-January 19
Capricorn is the most calculated and practical sign. He loves white or black, but wearing gold nail helps him to be relaxed. So, golden is the perfect color for Capricorn

Aquarius  – January 20th – February 18th
This sign loves all things black. They feel different because they are different. Wearing a bright blue and vibrant, allowing them to feel comfortable with sharing knowledge and encourages awareness group.

Pisces – February 19 – March 20
Pieces are in a world of their own, so are attracted to colors such as floral prints, or turquoise. In addition, wearing a dark gray nails inspires Pieces to have a more practical approach.