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What Means This Line In Your Palm

Look at your palm. There is a line that starts from the middle finger to the ring finger? Can be composed by a big curve or 2 smaller curves. This line is called Venus’ circle or love line.

Do not be disappointed if you don’t have this line, because it’s present at people who have love problems.  This thing is true, especially if the line form a closed circle. Persons with a closed circle are predisposed to suffers from love.

If the line forms a semi-circle, means that the person who have it will suffers from love, but will get over it.

How do we interpret this line?

  • If the line starts from the middle finger, means that you are an ambitious person. You have a lot of good qualities, you can think rationally and you can take good decisions. Sometimes, you seem to be egoist and materialist, but you only try improve you and the other around you.
  • If the line starts from the index finger, that means you are a good and hearted person, but you tend to love the wrong person. Next time, before to offers your heart to somebody, think twice, in order to protect you from disappointment.
  • If the line starts in the middle of the index finger, that means you are a person very pleased by his its life, no matter if you are single or in a relationship
  • If the line start between thumb and index finger, you a a calm, passionate person, with a very good heart.