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Why Your Jeans Have Those Little Copper Buttons on The Pockets?

I’m sure you noticed that your jeans have on the pockets some little copper buttons. Do you know what are their role? Jeans are an important item in everybody’s clothing. Everybody have at least one pair of jeans and wear jeans. Let’s find out what these little copper buttons are useful for.

Metallic buttons were invented to protect the jeans  when you wear them too much. There were invented by Levi Strauss, since jeans were worn by miners.

The true is that without those buttons, our jeans will break and will deteriorate easily. Moreover, the  buttons led to the creation of jeans. During the Gold Rush in 1870, the workers wore jeans on construction sites, but they were not resistant and breaks or unstitched. Because of this, the wife of a worker went to the tailor Jacob Davis and asked him to carve her husband a pair of jeans for work that does not break so easily

Thus, Davis with came the idea of ​​place some metallic buttons on jeans in some areas, such as pockets or the base of the zipper. Because jeans pockets are sewn over the material they need a strong hold to be resistant to wear, so pockets are trimmed with buttons. Copper buttons are used in jeans denim industry’s since the beginning and have been patented by Levi Strauss on May 20, 1873. The rest is history.