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Dangers Hidden In Your Nail Polish

According to a study conducted at Stanford University in California, USA, nail polish has a number of negative effects on your body. Here you find the hidden dangers in nail polish on what you expose:

US researchers say that nail polish contains many chemicals that can significantly affect the health of a person.

Specifically, there are three substances often found in nail polish, such as formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl, that are responsible for various hidden dangers in nail polish.

Dibutyl – this substance can affect the genitals. TLS substance is added into nail polish and is designed to make it easier to apply. However, this substance can affect genital health and sometimes leading to infertility.

Toluene – it is a solvent that allows thickening and hardening of nail polish. If it’s often applied on the nails can enter in the body and attack both central nervous system and reproductive organs.

Formaldehyde – help to strengthen the nails but can cause an imbalance at the cellular level and result in cancer cells, if large amounts of this substance enter the body.

Sometimes, is better to let our nails to “breathe”.