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How To Cut An Onion Without Crying

To cut an onion is not a happy moment because that means you will cry and your eyes won’t feel comfortable. Everybody hates the sensations of burning eyes, when they cut an onion. Every time we cut onions, we cry. There are some intelligent solutions on how to cut an onion without crying.

Glasses for cutting onions –  Onion contains chemical substances, based on sulfur, that irritate your eyes and nose. When we cut the onion, this substance is released. When gets in touch with the water produced by our lacrimal glandes, we cry. Glasses for cutting onions will help you with this problem.

Refrigerate the onion – Before to cut the onion, keep it in the refrigerator for 15 minutes. The frozen cells won’t react so fast. Moreover, the onion won’t have that unpleasant powerful smell.

Water steams –  This method implies to cut the onion nearby water steams, or boiled water. According to this trick, it is said that you shouldn’t cry at all.

Control your breathe – While you cut the onion, breathe on your mouth, while you keep your tongue outside. Onion vapors from tear glands react in contact with the eyes, but if you keep the tongue out, they will stop there. The idea is to reduce the burning sensation, but is this doesn’t work 100%.

Whistle while you cut the onion – This theory says that if whistle while cutting the onions, you will not experience discomfort. Whistling, remove air out of your face and irritating substance is removed from your eyes.

Sharpens the knife – If you sharpen the knife, it means that you cut better and faster. So onions will release fewer irritants in the air. However, if you are not a professional chef, not worth trying. The extremely sharp knife might send you directly to the hospital.

Lemons – If you squeeze a lemon on the chopper when you cut an onion, citric acid from the lemon neutralizes the irritating enzymes. This trick works 100% and worth a try. In addition, it takes just a second to squeeze the lemon, and the result is great.