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What Does Your Blood Type Say About Your Personality?

According to some research made particularly in Japan, the blood type of a person influences certain aspects of temperament, risk of illness and other features. Japanese researchers studied these factors

since 1930 and although every time you do not get the desired results, they discovered some interesting things which I will present in this article.

Group 0

Following a large number of researches, Japanese Institute of Technology concluded that people with group 0 are more likely to attract certain species of mosquitoes, unlike other blood types.

They are less resistant to stress, due to the hormone cortisol that stay longer in the body and speeds up the ageing process. People with group 0 are characterized as sociable and open-minded.

Group A

According to the Neuropsychobiology  magazine, people with group A are prone to obsessive compulsive disorder. They are thought to be most persistent, intelligent and tempered.

Group B

According to Japanese researchers, people with blood type B are fascinating because they have the most contradictory personalities. They are creative, passionate and powerful, but can also be selfish and unpredictable.

Group AB

According to information published in the Neurology Journal , AB increases the risk of difficulties and memory problems in time. When they tested aged people, it was found that those with AB type  have difficulties in learning and memorizing.

People with this blood group are very sensitive in terms of their environment and can adapt to any situation without losing their integrity.