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ATTENTION!! Never REHEAT These 6 Foods

Every time there is some food left, you keep it because you are thinking that you are going to eat it later. This is one of the biggest mistake that almost everybody is doing it, because reheating some foods, we just transform them in poison. Some foods doesn’t keep their nutritious value after they are reheated. Next, I will present you a list of foods that you should never reheat them.

  1. Spinach – Never reheat the spinach. You should eat it right after was cooked. Spinach contains high levels of nitrate. If you reheat they will turn into nitrites that may be carcinogens.
  2.  Celery – We use it specifically to prepare soups, but like spinach contain nitrates which will turn into nitrites which can be harmful to your health. If you have leftover soup to warm you should remove the celery. I suggest to first remove the celery from the soup and then you can reheat it. The same applies in the case of carrots.
  3.  Potatoes – It offers an impressive number of benefits, but if you’ve kept cold for a day or two certainly have lost all the benefits and nutritional values.
  4.  Eggs – Boiled or fried eggs, if you reheat them, can be lethal.  The exposure to high temperatures and reheat them are very harmful for our body.
  5.  Chicken – If you eat chicken a day after was being prepared, you expose yourself to a big risk because you will experience digestive problems.
  6.  Mushrooms – When it comes to reheating,  fungi are very dangerous. They must be consumed immediately after you prepare them. If you want to eat them after few days, do not reheat them, because you will experience digestive problems and cardio vascular problems.